Discover YANAKA, Tokyo's gateway, nestled in the tranquility of the premier 23 wards
with its temples, greenery, and serene atmosphere
reminiscent of the quiet Edo period.

Opening in 2024, ICHINAGI YANAKA offers whole-house rentals,
a Japanese garden-style terrace, and traditional architecture in the heart of downtown Tokyo.

Japanese garden-style terrace

Experience an uncommon feature in Tokyo accommodations – your private terrace.
Unwind on custom-designed high-end sofas
and savor the unhurried atmosphere of YANAKA.


Experience the fusion of Japanese tradition and modernity with "tatami" and "bonsai" concepts.
Our space, blending traditional and contemporary elements,
invites you to unwind on the Japanese garden-inspired terrace, offering a tranquil atmosphere of harmony.


A private lodging facility for rent in the serene YANAKA, Tokyo. With a Japanese garden-style terrace and charming traditional features like tatami flooring and bonsai, it offers a tranquil and private stay. Our theme revolves around blending tradition with the modern era.

Une calme YANAKA

A total beauty salon located in the downtown area of Tokyo, YANAKA. In a calm and inviting private salon atmosphere, we offer our customers a moment of supreme relaxation and tranquility.